Stone Mountain Ministries

Stone Mountain Ministries was born out of a passion for meeting God in His creation and giving other people the opportunity to experience that intense/amazing encounter. We believe in encountering God in every area of our lives; including Him in how we treat our bodies physically, making Him a part of our relationships and have Him inspire how we manage and understand our emotions.

We specialize in Adventure Retreats that put you one on one with God in his creation. These retreats will challenge you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These are not retreats for relaxation but they are in fact a place of spiritual training and discipline. Equipping you to live the life God has called you to no matter where you are.


I am a west coast born Canadian, raised on God with my toes in the ocean and my back to the mountains. I am determined to live up to Romans 12:1, honoring God from the inside out. Family, Friends and keeping active is part of my day to day life! While any (and almost all) outdoor activity will suite the bill, volleyball is my sport of choice closely followed by surfing on my visits out west.

I am married to my amazing husband Doug, and with our cat and our dog in a 600 square foot living space... times can be a little crazy! I love to study (I know... it's weird), the more I hear about the more I want to discover. I currently have a BA in Theology and am working towards my Masters in Theological Studies.

Ultimately I am driven by a love for my God and a deep passion to share that love with all I can. I love to challenge men & women to find their authentic voice, a zest for life and their confidence in Christ. To encourage bold living, breaking through comfort zones and learning to honor God with everything that they do.

Likes: Long Walks on the Beach (no lie), Surfing, Music, My Dog

Dislikes: Brussels Sprouts, Decaf Coffee, Too Much Snow, Being Late