Aug 11 - 17, 2018




How old do I have to be to attend? 

All registrants must be a minimum of 18 years of age in order to participate.

When does Registration open/close?

General Registration opens Dec 26, 2017

Registration closes Aug 1, 2018

What do I have to bring?

Well, as we are backpacking for 4 days, we will be splitting supplies in sets of two. What does that mean, between a pair of people they will carry food, tent, and sleeping equipment. So you want to be prepared to bring:

- 2-3 man tent

- Sleeping bag

- Camping pillow

- Sleeping mat

- Camelback pack

- Snacks

- Hiking Boots

- Toiletries 

What if I get hurt while I'm up there? 

While doing these hikes there is always the chance of getting hurt, however don't let that stop you! We will have a first aid attendant on the trip plus, both of our campsites have a park ranger stationed at them.

Fitness Q's


How fit do I have to be to come? 

An Intermediate level of fitness is required for this retreat!

- Each day will consist of a minimum of 10 km of hiking various terrain/elevation

All participants will receive a 6 week training guide and access to weekly training sessions prior to our trip to prepare you for the journey!  

Are we hiking every day? 

Yes we are!

While we have planned less strenuous days in between, we will be hiking a minimum of 10 km each day while on the mountain!

Help! I have never backpacked before!? 

That's okay!! 
There is zero backpacking experience required, just a willingness to learn! 
All participants will learn what they need for the trip in the weeks leading up to our departure!


money Q's

How much does the Retreat Cost? 

Cost of the retreat is $500

Non-Refundable Deposit is $75

What does the cost include? 

The cost includes:

- 2 Nights in a Hotel & 4 Nights on Mt. Robson

All meals on the Mountain and in Jasper
(except for snacks)

- Spiritual training materials/sessions

- Fitness training guide prior to trip

** The cost does not include Travel **

Do I have to pay all at once? 

Not at all! 

Once the deposit is paid, we can schedule out a payment plan that works for you :) 

It can be as easy as $53/month

Is there a Refund if I have to cancel? 

The Deposit is non-refundable

The refund will depend on when you cancel. 

Deposit :Non Refundable

After April 1st: 75% refund less the deposit

After May 1st: 50% refund less the deposit

After June 1st: 25% refund less the deposit

After July 1st: No refund

However! All registrations are completely transferable :) 


What Food is included? 

You will be provided with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


All meals on the mountain will be high in protein and geared to supplement all of the hard work you did while hiking! These meals are dehydrated and lightweight to they aren't bulky and heavy to carry up with us. 

Dinner after we descend will be a hearty, restaurant meal as a celebration of our hike.

Food Q's

What if I have dietary restrictions? 

We will do our best to accommodate all dietary restrictions within reason.

This will be on a case by case basis so give us a shout and we shall see what we can do!

What food is not provided? 

The only food not included are the snacks for the backpacking trip. 

Participants will receive a list of backpacking friendly snacks to bring along prior to us leaving. 


Mt. Robson & Jasper

Where is Mt Robson? 

Mt. Robson is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, just an hour outside of Jasper, Alberta.

How do I get there? 

Our first night will be spent in Hinton, Alberta and the best way to get there is by Car.

Hinton is a 2.5 hour drive from Edmonton Alberta.

~ Hinton to Mt. Robson is 2 hour drive


You can bring your own car or car pool with other participants. 


Accommodation Q's

Did we miss something?

Ask us a Question? 

Where are we staying? 

- Aug 11: Hotel in Hinton, AB 

- Aug 12 - 16: Camping in Mt. Robson 

- Aug 16: Hotel in the heart of Jasper 

Sleeping Situation? 

We are going old school sleep over style! 


To keep costs low there will be:

- two people per tent while camping

- 4 people per hotel room (2 queen beds) 

Other Amenities? 

This is REAL camping, not glamping... 

We will be sleeping on camping mats, eating dehydrated food and using outhouses. 

Don't worry, our hotels have hot showers, comfortable beds and of course Wifi.