Aug 11 - 17, 2018

Mt. Robson, British Columbia

Just another gorgeous location in this beautiful country we call Canada, one that I just could not resist showing off in one of our Adventure Retreats. 

While Mt. Robson is not the tallest mountain in Canada it is the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies 12,972 feet. While we won't make it to the top we will make it just under halfway, navigating through various paths, up switchbacks, and past many waterfalls (including getting up close and personal to Emperor Falls). We will get to dip our toes in the lake fed by a glacier hiding across the water in plain view. 

We will challenge ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically, supporting and encouraging one another every step of the way.

Day hikes/activities/spiritual training, etc.



This year's retreat theme is the Switchback.

What's a Switchback? When it comes to hiking, a switchback is a trail up a steep hill or mountain that is like a zig-zag pattern instead of a straight trail. The zig-zag pattern protects the hill and the trail from excessive erosion. Trails that go straight up and down steep hills don't stay nice trails for long.

So what does a switchback have to do with our spiritual life? We actually use switchbacks in our spiritual life all the time. We tend to think we know the way to our 'destination', where God wants us to be and we always want to take the shortest path to get there. But God often uses life's 'switchbacks' to guide us to ensure that we are fully equipped to handle what we will encounter when we reach that destination. This retreat will EQUIP you in how to read God's GPS, how to stay plugged into where he is leading you and learn how to trust his direction and not our own understanding of where we think we are going.

We meet at the hotel for a trip orientation and good nights sleep. 

AUG 11th : 

AUG 12th : 

We make our way to the trail head and begin our 10km hike to our first camping spot

(Whitehorn @ 3,600 foot elevation).

AUG 13th : 

Day hikes/activities/spiritual training, etc.

AUG 14th : 

We pack up and head out for 13 km hike to our second camping spot.

Robson Pass @ 5,410 foot elevation) 

AUG 15th : 

AUG 16th : 

We pack up and begin our 23 km descent back to the trail head, heading back into Jasper for a great meal to celebrate our successful hike and to stay at a hotel for a relaxing evening.

AUG 17th : 

Our final morning together will include Breakfast together as a send off, giving you the rest of the day to explore Jasper and make your way home.



Jen VanSteenbergen

Jen VS is the founder of Stone Mountain Ministries and has a passion for the inclusion of God in every single area of our lives. Jen has grown up in the outdoors, from hiking to camping to surfing and climbing. Besides spending most of her time outside, being active or playing sports... she spends the rest of her time working towards her Masters of Theological Studies.  


Jen will be leading us through our spiritual training's and guiding everyone on our daily hiking adventures!

Retreat Leader



The cost for this retreat is $500

Non-Refundable Deposit of $75

The cost covers all accommodation, meals, supplies and training materials.

For more information please see the Retreat FAQ's



A few other tempting photos of this beautiful place...