The New Years Resolution Revolution

I have always been a fan of goal making.

In fact, I cannot imagine a time in my life where I wasn't making or working towards some sort of goal. While I do enjoy the act of trying to achieve the goal I will say that I enjoy the creation of the goals the most. Yes, you did read that correctly. I enjoy the literal MAKING of goals...

I know it's probably just my personality and odd quirks but I just L O V E making lists, and charts and little reminders surrounding a particular goal. I will spend hours taking my 'end goal' (something like losing 30 lbs or writing a book), and breaking it down into as many mini goals as I can, all the while colour coordinating those goals for efficiency and of course just making the list look good. I will map out all what I have to do to achieve that goal, from the daily tasks to monthly check points. By the end I will have a detailed, colour coordinated, well formatted, designed and strategized plan to achieve all of my goals. My name is Jen & I love goal planning

Now looking at this you can probably guess that creating New Year's Resolutions is like a second Christmas to me. What? You mean I get to set goals for all of 2018 and I get to start on the 1st day of the 1st month of that year?! Who cares about counting down for New year's kisses, I HAVE A LIST TO MAKE! (this is legit how I spent New Years Eve 2017)…

As you create goals, at some point you need to do the follow through and if I’m being totally honest… I suck at that. Actually, I lied… I’m really good at it for about a week and then slowly I begin to peter off until I am back at square one. And once I am back at square one instead of pulling up my bootstraps and getting back on the horse I use it as an excuse to “recreate” my goal. To reformat it, to start from scratch and begin the process again because obviously it was the process that failed and not my ability to stay disciplined. I would keep blaming the system and not holding myself accountable to the part that I would have to play in working with the system. While this year I started it off like every other year, two weeks ago I decided to make a change… I decided to flip the charts on how I do goal setting.

So here is the downlow.

I make goals: I decide what I would like to achieve in what period of time, because goals without timelines are just dreams. I can make these goals in every area of my life and I can make as many as I want.

i.e. Finish my book, Get A’s in school, Blog more often, Fuel my body (eat healthier)

I write the goals down: I still write these goals down, but I don’t go into detail. All I am going to do is write the end goals down. I write them in a place that I can reference back to them, it doesn’t have to be in my face all of the time but I need to be able to get to them.

Brainstorm trigger words: So here is one of the new steps. I look at all of my goals and I start to write down single words that could represent these goals.

i.e. using my list above, I wrote down words like: discipline, perseverance, routine, schedule, preparation

Pick one (at most TWO): Then I look over my list of words and I begin to narrow them down. Which words are going to have the most impact on my list. For me I landed on DISCIPLINE because I felt like that was the biggest area that would impact my goals in a positive way!

Do not recite your goals to yourself, recite your word: Everyday when I make a decision that I can feel may be a bad decision I ask myself… “Is this me being disciplined?”, “Does this reflect the discipline I want to have?”.

I know it sounds silly but I swear this works because it forces you to live decision by decision! I usually get too caught up in the end goal, where when I miss one little step it seems to derail me. I throw in the towel when I have been off my game for a few days and end up giving up on the goal altogether. What I love about applying this one word to my decisions is it keeps me accountable in the moment. I’m not thinking about all of the goals or the schedules or the routines but instead I’m have to make one decision in that one moment. I can choose to do the right thing or decide to do what I ‘feel like’ for that one decision and then move onto the next decision.

What is your word for 2018?